Joining CRITM as a member is affordable and above all, essential.

  • Receive subsidies and, consequently, share the financial risks associated with research and development.
  • Benefit from support at every stage of your research project.
  • Experience collaborative research.
  • Make the most of special events that foster networking as well as the exchange of strategic knowledge and information.

“Being a CRITM member means actively working in the development of your own research project and taking part in diversified networking activities focused on knowledge sharing.”    ( A. Bourihane)

Being a member of CRITM represents a variety of benefits for enterprises and research institutions

CRITM members benefit from a subsidy program as well as workshops and networking activities organized by the consortium.

  • CRITM subsidies up to $500,000 / year / project
  • Eligible expenses (between 20% and 40%) – (50% GES and INTER)
  • Up to $1,500,000 from CRITM per project (over 3 years)
  • Up to 80% public funding (we even set up the connections!)
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Benefits – Enterprises

Working together towards innovation

  • Share the financial risks associated with metal transformation development and/or research.
  • Discover the benefits of working in a collaborative environment.
  • Work closely with renowned researchers.
  • Identify highly qualified personnel.
  • Support the company’s R&D department.
  • Drive innovation projects into third gear.
  • Simplify the innovation process, as all documents are completed by research centres.

Benefits – Universities, technology transfer college centres, and other eligible research centres

For highly rewarding research partnerships

  • Allow companies access to your state-of-the-art infrastructures and expertise.
  • Make the most of the benefits of collaborative research.
  • Work hand in hand with passionate, innovative entrepreneurs.
  • Help shape the future of metal transformation.

Benefits – Sectoral associations

  • Benefit from leading expertise and financial support for their members’ projects.
  • Encourage innovation in the industry.


Becoming a CRITM member is easy. Simply complete this form (lien vers formulaire) in line with your membership category:

Regular members rates

SMEs (<100 employees)
750 $ for the first year
300 $ Renewal / year
SMEs (100 to <250 employees)
1750 $ for the first year
700 $ Renewal / year
Large enterprises
4250 $ for the first year
1700 $ Renewal / year
Universities / Research centres
1750 $ for the first year
700 $ Renewal / year
750 $ for the first year
300 $ Renewal / year
International company
1750 $ for the first year
700 $ Renewal / year

Affiliated member rates *

Enterprises and others
300 $ per year

* This membership category is not eligible for CRITM funding or a seat on the Board of Governors. Please contact us for further information.

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